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Regulatory Communication
We interpret the newly-enacted laws and share the latest industrial information through organizing communication and training of medical devices in order to establish a communication bridge among the global manufacturing enterprises.

1. Exchange of international regulations;

2. GMP, FDA and CE consulting services

3. Free public class:

1. The latest regulatory developments in medical devices;

2. Innovative research on medical devices;

3. Registration skills and experience sharing of medical devices;

4. Detection techniques for medical devices;

5. Clinical trials of medical devices;

6. Establishment, inspection and flight inspection of the quality system of medical devices;

7. International medical device regulations exchange.

BeiJing RunHuge STD Co., Ltd provides VIP services for businesses and individuals. The specific services are as follows:

1. Provide professional training and interpretation of policies and regulations for domestic and foreign enterprises, hospitals, social groups and individuals;

2. Establish integrated platform services for production, learning and research;

3. Provide one-on-one communication services with industry experts;

4. Provide online problem solving, remote guidance, training and other services;

1. Market analysis and research;

2. Customs declaration of products;

3. Interpretation and translation of documents;

4. Market conversion of products;

5. Establishment of domestic sales channels.

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